Testimonials from Los ANgeles Unified School District Teachers

Calm Hearts Kids Yoga

"Thanks again for teaching me so much. I am already seeing such wonderful results in my classroom from the use of the SCHOOL Kids Yoga methods. I am also practicing at home with my 2 toddlers. Tantrums have diminished and kindness is oozing out of them. Absolutely amazing!"
- Maria A., 4th Grade Teacher

"Because our world faces so many social issues, it is paramount that our next generations develop the skills to get along, collaborate, and problem solve with others.  Students need to have the skills to create group harmony.  If they can work with peers, they can someday work with neighbors, community leaders (maybe even be one), and be a part of a global community that creates a more promising future. The wisdom of the world is not going to come from the genius of technology but from the power of the shared goodness of people."
- Vivian Z., Resource Specialist

"Kelly has developed a thoughtful and intentional yoga curriculum for the school environment that not only improves posture and flexibility but also a child’s ability to self-regulate their own emotions. SCHOOL Kids Yoga is relatable to every teacher and student regardless of subject or grade level. After taking the SCHOOL Kids Yoga course, I have the tools necessary to lead my students through a yoga class. I have seen a big difference in their overall control and regulation." 
- Alison R., Dance Teacher

"The SCHOOL Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training has brought back the joy of teaching that I had slowly lost these last few years. While I had somewhat selfishly signed up for the class for my sanity, I found that learning how to teach this calm and caring program to students has not only made me a better teacher, but has created more caring students through the use of coordinated movements and calm breathing techniques. Taking the SCHOOL training has opened my eyes to a new method of classroom management. In addition to my usual behavior plans, the SCHOOL yoga and mindfulness methods have reduced some behavior issues, and our classroom environment has become more calm and caring towards one another, not to mention more conducive to learning. It has also brought about an awareness of how we need to treat ourselves, but more importantly, each other.”
- Christine D., Kindergarten Teacher 

"The SCHOOL Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Training offers a collection of tools and strategies for a process that adds a whole new dimension to learning, focusing and relating. It is like planting a seed for a better tomorrow for our children with regards to a positive shift in attitudes, actions, and responses to people and experiences in everyday life. Reducing stress for teachers and therapists is an added benefit."
- Margaret B., Speech-Language Pathologist

"I have nothing but high praise for the course in School Kids Yoga provided by Ms. Kelly! Ms. Kelly is a wonderful instructor who is so knowledgeable in her practice! I have a better understanding of and felt equipped to immediately implement strategies that students can use to keep focused, build comprehension, and problem-solve effectively. As a middle school teacher, many of my students face extreme challenges. It was easy to adapt the model to students of this age group and teach them the techniques of calm breathing, focus, and exercise. I have seen great results from my students in the classroom and in their personal relations. I highly recommend that teachers take this course for the benefit of themselves and their students!"
- Andrea B., Middle School Teacher

"Kelly Wood's SCHOOL Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Training was worth every penny and every hour spent. It has transformed my approach to classroom management and has helped to make my students more productive and cooperative. And personally, it has helped me find balance in some frantic moments at work and at home. I have never set foot in a yoga studio, yet I left her training feeling confident that I could lead my students through these basic exercises. I'm forever grateful for these new tools!"
- Daryl R., 5th Grade Gifted Teacher

"Great subject to use for my students with special needs. I feel all teachers need to take this course as it will help them personally and with their relationships with their students. Very relevant for this time in our society."
- Diana L., Kindergarten Teacher

"I loved the course. During the 4-day SCHOOL Training I feel that I have gained many skills I will be able to implement in my classroom successfully that will have a positive impact on my students' brains, bodies, and hearts."
- Victoria G., 6th Grade Teacher

"Working as an itinerant art teacher in over a dozen schools per year, I see the patterns of modern society very clearly.  That is why I feel there is a great need for the teachings presented by School Kids Yoga throughout the communities in which I teach. There is a need for yoga philosophy and practice in schools today.  It fosters calmness in a fast paced, violent society.  I believe teaching self-calming skills at a young age promotes peace in the future.  That is why School Kids Yoga is crucial to youth today and why I integrate yoga into my teaching."
- Katrina G., Arts Branch Teacher

"Thank you again for everything you taught me in the SCHOOL Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Training. Students are loving our daily yoga practice.  Parents have mentioned that their children are teaching them the calming methods so that they might be better able to deal with emotions and stress in adult daily living." 
- Rebecca A., 3rd Grade Teacher

"Thank you again, for teaching this amazing class! The tools I now have are invaluable, not only for my students, but for me as a teacher! I enjoyed this class so much and will be sharing it with my principal and my teacher friends. It was such a great and meaningful experience!
- Lorrie M., 4th Grade Teacher

"Ms. Kelly's SCHOOL Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training provides teachers with a practice that helps even our youngest students learn how to self-regulate and take care of their bodies. This course enhanced my learning and awareness. I really enjoyed it. Kelly creates a calm and comfortable learning environment with lots of practice and time to reflect on the benefits."  
- Jesenia C., Kindergarten Teacher

"Very organized! Great information that can be applied in classroom and one's own life!"
- Janet O., 1st Grade Teacher

"I'm so thankful I took this course! As a dance teacher, many of my students have an interest to do yoga also.  I never felt comfortable teaching something I was not familiar with, but Ms. Kelly and the SCHOOL Kids Yoga Teacher Training gave me the tools I needed to bring yoga into my classroom. The teachings are valuable and worthwhile as students learn how to handle and respond to varied situations thus resulting in a calm classroom with a calm teacher.”
-Erica O., High School Teacher


“Having my second graders participate in the SCHOOL classes this previous year has been a wonderful experience. The students, as well as I, have benefitted greatly from the lessons. Through opening stories and exercises, students learn valuable lessons on positive affirmations and on how to make better choices in their daily lives. I’m extremely grateful for these classes. Students have learned valuable lessons that they can apply at home and at school. We would be so lucky to continue having SCHOOL Kids Yoga classes at our school.”
- Maria P., 2nd Grade Teacher

"Adding SCHOOL Kids Yoga & Mindfulness classes this past year has deeply impacted my students in a positive way. The majority of my students live in multi-family units without space to relax and meditate. SCHOOL classes have allowed them to find that reflective space. Many of my students use the strategies learned in SCHOOL classes to problem solve when a conflict arises."
- Juana A., 3rd Grade Teacher

“I was fortunate enough to have the SCHOOL Teacher's peaceful presence in my classroom at the beginning of every week – first thing Monday mornings. Really set a nice tone for the day and the week. Students loved it. Good stories, thoughtful messages, and pleasant imagery prompts the kids to do poses and stretches. Highly recommend…”
- Dave Y., 1st Grade Teacher

"SCHOOL Kids Yoga has been a really positive experience for my students and me. Stories of empathy and compassion are always interesting to the children and the stories springboard nicely into life and classroom skills highlighted within each class. To some the importance of having a “calm brain, calm heart” has been ingrained into their way of thinking. I’ll sometimes hear them say, “Mr. V, ‘So-and-so’ needs to work on having a calm brain.”
- Brian V., 4th Grade Teacher

"I have noticed the students are more focused and calm after SCHOOL yoga classes.  Students practice the yoga techniques when they need a time out or to just calm down when they are upset.  I have noticed a great deal of difference in one student specifically.  This student has a difficult time controlling his temper and emotion. When he is having a bad day, he is able to breathe and count slowly until he is calm enough to talk.  He is then able to communicate.  SCHOOL yoga has been a wonderful experience for all students."
 - Jenny l., 4th Grade Teacher

"At first I was a little apprehensive in taking the course because I was a novice with yoga.  After completing the SCHOOL Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training, I feel confident in teaching calming methods to my students and now practice also for myself! =) Ms. Kelly has such a calm demeanor and is super supportive!!"
- Elise C., 3rd Grade Teacher

"As we know, kindergarten students have a lot of energy.  For some students, kindergarten is the first time they are learning to sit still and listen.  Some students have been struggling to sit still, stay calm, and learn the kindergarten curriculum. SCHOOL classes incorporated calm breathing and exercise movements to teach students to listen, learn, and exercise at the same time.  Students are engaged in SCHOOL classes, listening attentively to directions. They learn to listen carefully to directions so that they know what moves to perform next.  Classes incorporate health, physical education, and listening skills.  My class has definitely benefited. Whenever the day becomes hectic, we practice calm breathing to de-stress. This helps us to refocus and get back to learning again.   At recess, I have also seen students walk away from stressful situations, such as arguments and breathe.  It is quite amazing.  Ever since SCHOOL classes have entered our classroom, the students have become better listeners, as well as, stress managers."
 - Sunhee K., Kindergarten Teacher

"Teaching SCHOOL classes to my Kindergarten students brings calm to my classroom, helps my students focus, and builds their inner and outer strength. This all helps create a positive, calm environment in which the students can learn."
 - Kathleen B., Kindergarten Teacher

"With calm breathing, calm brains and strong hearts, SCHOOL classes have taught our four year olds many strategies that have improved their ability to regulate their own behavior. Our preschoolers love practicing and using these strategies to stay focused, to control impulses and to resolve conflicts in socially appropriate ways."
 - Nidia P., Pre-K & Kindergarten Teacher

"Since practicing yoga, my class has been much calmer, more patient with each other, more willing to hear out the other person.  I have asked from the first day of school for children to resolve their conflicts in a peaceful manner.  I think yoga has helped in this regard as they seem more open to another's point of view and quickly accept responsibility for their actions. The class appears to have a stronger sense of community and peacefulness."
 - Veronica Z., Kindergarten Teacher
"My students have been able to focus more, listen more attentively, show respect for each other's feelings and think before acting. These changes have occurred little by little over time, but they have happened. Other great benefits of having yoga in my classroom have been things I have experienced as the teacher. I find myself stopping to breathe and calming my mind before reacting to stressful situations, especially in my classroom. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to be a part of this new learning for my students and for myself. I look forward to Wednesdays because I know it's yoga day!"
 - Elizabeth B., 4th Grade Teacher

"Some of the beneficial influences of yoga that I have noticed are that the students have learned calming down strategies.  They are more aware of spatial surroundings, reinforcement of healthy food choices, and more kind towards each other."
 - Ron V., 4th Kindergarten Teacher

"I've noticed that when my students are having a test, they take deep breaths and take a second to calm themselves. "
 - Juana E., 4th Grade Teacher 

"Introducing yoga to my first grade bilingual class has been a two-fold benefit. First of all, I've observed that even at the young age of 6, my students have learned to focus and find an inner calm place within themselves when they're practicing yoga. Also, my students receive additional practice speaking and listening to English from a model other than the classroom teacher. It's been a wonderful experience! Both, teacher and students look forward to yoga class every week."
 - Angie L., 1st Grade Teacher 

"I just wanted to express how happy and amazed I am about the ways SCHOOL yoga has helped my students become more focused and centered.  SCHOOL classes include examples on how staying calm and collected helps us stay relaxed and focused in everyday life situations. I truly believe this wonderful experience is benefitting my students not only to stay healthy and active, but is aiding them in developing techniques that they can utilize as life long learners. SCHOOL yoga is indeed a unique experience that these inner city school kids are fortunate to have because this will probably be their only opportunity to encounter the wonderful art of yoga.  I want to express my gratitude and admiration for the dedication and devotion that Ms. Kelly has for our students and truly hope that this amazing yoga program continues through our inner city schools."
 - Susana M., 1st Grade Teacher