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We are committed to helping teachers create focused, harmonious classrooms where learning and positive relationships flourish.

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OUR promise:  SCHOOL YOGA TEACHER TRAINING Will Revolutionize Your Classroom Management Techniques

SCHOOL Kids Yoga & Mindfulness methods are tested across 15 years of direct experience in Los Angeles Unified School District public classrooms for effectiveness. 

The expertise of the SCHOOL philosophy and methods help to:

  1. Manage classrooms
  2. Regulate children's emotions
  3. Draw out positive social behavior
  4. Reduce the stress response & improve grounding

By engaging the entire classroom, SCHOOL Yoga methods remind both students and teachers of the joy of learning. 

OUR COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH:  SCHOOL Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training Methodology

Our expert & secular approach uses:

  1. Mindful movements 
  2. Specific breathing practices
  3. Positive affirmations
  4. Storytelling 

Through our kids yoga program, teachers and students learn the ability to pause to facilitate the reduction of aggression and/or despondence. 

What are the benefits of SCHOOL Yoga methods?

Our methods enhance the connectivity of right and left brain communication to increase whole brain functioning for improved:

  • Focus
  • Listening
  • Sustained attention
  • Memory
  • Reflection

The science behind SCHOOL Yoga methods:

Growing research shows that yoga and  mindfulness methods improve learning. SCHOOL Yoga methods also address growing research highlighting the ability to enhance neurogenesis to positively affect open windows of neuroplasticity, important for countering early or on-going trauma experienced in life.

For example, a review by Serwacki and Cook-Cottone (2012) found that yoga and mindfulness interventions decreased stress, increased self-confidence and social-confidence, and improved classroom communication, attention, and concentration in children with emotional, behavioral, and learning disabilities.

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For the past four years, the SCHOOL Yoga Program has been implemented in all classrooms (K-5) of Milagro Charter School - downtown Los Angeles.  Principal Sascha Robinette, a leader in developing social & emotional learning curriculum for her staff and students says, "SCHOOL Kids Yoga & Mindfulness classes contribute greatly to the foundation of learning at Milagro. SCHOOL Yoga methods remind students to use all of the mindful techniques they have learned to make positive choices and persevere through challenges." 

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"The SCHOOL Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Training offers a collection of tools and strategies for a process that adds a whole new dimension to learning, focusing and relating. It is like planting a seed for a better tomorrow for our children with regards to a positive shift in attitudes, actions, and responses to people, and experiences, in everyday life. Reducing stress for teachers and therapists is an added benefit."
- Margaret B., Speech-Language Pathologist

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