Our Mission

We are committed to helping teachers create focused, harmonious classrooms where learning and positive relationships flourish.

We are compelled to help public schools, especially Title 1 communities, learn practical methods of attention and emotional regulation.  Our adapted approach to yoga and our SCHOOL philosophy are unique and effective classroom management strategies.

With 17 years of experience in public schools, we have observed children and teachers facing greater obstacles to learning.  A recent study published by Scholastic and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation found 62% of teachers reported significant problems with behavioral issues, thus interfering with academics.  Behavioral problems increase the time spent attempting classroom management techniques, which teachers are finding ineffective across all grade levels: 68% elementary, 64% middle school, and 53% high school.



We have been teaching secular yoga & meditation to children and also to beginner adults since 2002.  With over ten thousand hours spent in public classrooms, SCHOOL Kids Yoga & Mindfulness offers a success adaptation to the practice of yoga that aligns with the academic setting.  Our inclusive terminology and coordinated movements encourage focus, emotional intelligence, and cooperation for learning.  The SCHOOL Kids Yoga & Mindfulness methods are readily understandable to those new to the practice.

Our expert training, philosophy and methods provide:

Improved attention-regulation and motivation to learn
Proactive skills that support trauma-informed care
Tools to cultivate positive social and emotional behavior
Development of harmonious learning environments

If you are looking for a professional development course with practical, effective tools for immediate use in your classroom, SCHOOL Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training is for you!


SCHOOL Kids Yoga & Mindfulness methods address the comprehensive health of students and teachers.  Our approach enhances physical, mental, emotional, and social balance, reduces the stress response and encourages gentle attitudes that promote perseverance and collaboration.

A notable finding by Serwacki and Cook-Cottone (2012) found that yoga and mindfulness interventions decreased stress, increased self-confidence and social-confidence, and improved classroom communication, attention, and concentration in children with emotional, behavioral, and learning disabilities.  As more research comes forward showing the benefits of yoga for the school setting, we at SCHOOL continue our pioneering work without hesitation. 


"The SCHOOL Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Program has been incredible for my well-being and outlook on teaching. It helps students to be mindful of their school work, control their emotions in class, and improve their overall focus. Together, this makes my job much easier and more rewarding.” - Anastasia S., High School Speech Therapist

“I didn’t expect to learn as much as I did and the practices help both my students and myself. My students’ approach to challenges and new materials is different than was it was before. They’re more productive, less distracted and face challenges in a way that allows them to make better decisions.” - Jennifer D., 4th Grade Teacher

"While healthy habits are important for everyone regardless of zip code, it is especially important for a population of students who face a high amount of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Research has found that children who experience a high amount of ACEs have disrupted neurodevelopment, social, emotional, and cognitive impairments, a higher likelihood of adopting health-risk behaviors, and social problems. Bringing SCHOOL Kids Yoga into the classroom allows children to learn healthy habits in a safe, calm environment and gives them strategies for when they are feeling stressed or overwhelmed inside and outside of the classroom."
- Betsy S., Educational Specialist

“Teaching SCHOOL Kids Yoga has demonstrated itself to be very important in our demographic, which is very transient and high in poverty. This compounds into a great deal of stress for children, families and teachers. The program also helped me as a teacher to be more present with my students and to develop quality lessons that incorporated movement, mindfulness, breathing and educational goals. This program supports my belief that we are better served by addressing student needs holistically, rather than piecemeal as in the classrooms of the past."
- Katherine M., Preschool Teacher

For the past six years, the SCHOOL Kids Yoga Program has been implemented in all classrooms (K-5) of Milagro Charter School in downtown Los Angeles.  SCHOOL Kids Yoga & Mindfulness classes contribute greatly to the foundation of learning at Milagro. These methods remind students to make positive choices and persevere through challenges." 
Sascha Robinette, Elementary Principal 

"I work as a PSW at the elementary level. I believe all of our students could benefit greatly from the SCHOOL yoga intervention that Kelly Wood offers.  It's almost impossible for students to focus and learn when they are highly anxious or upset. This intervention affords students the skills to become calm and centered, so that they can absorb their academic lessons and hone their interpersonal skills. Best of all, Ms. Kelly has come up with a playful and creative way to teach these skills, so that students will surely engage.  It is GREAT that the SCHOOL methods meet Common Core State Standards! I wish these SCHOOL yoga classes were mandatory!"
- Ruthie P., Psychiatric Social Worker

"SCHOOL Kids Yoga is important in my class because kids learn strategies to respond to stressful situations.  They can control themselves better and not make wrong decisions that they would later regret.  It gives them better thinking to resolve problems.  They learn to be more cooperative, compassionate, kind, respectful and they even learn to persevere in reaching personal goals."
- Carlos S., Kindergarten teacher

"This course has had immediate and positive outcomes in my classroom. SCHOOL Kids Yoga has provided a positive strategy to create a harmonious class setting so that I can also enjoy teaching and my students can have the joy of learning!
- Claudia O., 1st Grade teacher

"This course should be part of the teacher credential program as part of classroom management."
- Camille S., High School Athletic Director

"SCHOOL Kids Yoga & Mindfulness brought back taking care of the basic needs of the educator and student. More heart is needed in education. With SCHOOL Kids Yoga students learn how to regulate their attention, emotions and behavior; leading to better academic outcomes for all. Students also build their self confidence; leading to more self-discipline. Teachers also benefit from SCHOOL Kids Yoga as well. Behavior management, classroom harmony and discipline improve with the practices that are taught. The joy of teaching is also enhanced by the creativity and respect for learning embedded in the program." - S. Hunt, NYC Teacher
- Sarah H., 4th & 5th Grade Special Education