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SCHOOL Kids Yoga


Education requires more than thinking.  
To improve learning, we must address the physical, mental, emotional and
social well-being of students.  
Take our IN-PERSON or ONLINE SCHOOL Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Training and gain effective tools for improving students' academic achievement and collaborative attitudes.

SCHOOL Kids Yoga Training teaches health education.

Feel Better to
Teach Better

SCHOOL Kids Yoga Training provides a new set of classroom management techniques that optimize your health and equanimity, while drawing out positive social and emotional behaviors in students.  

SCHOOL Kids Yoga teaches calming methods for health education.

whole health for learning

The body, thoughts and feelings are inextricably linked - as are social connections among students and teachers. Educate using secular yoga methods and improve academic performance.

SCHOOL Kids Yoga provides health education for public schools.

Focus for the
Digital Age

As technology and distractions infiltrate every facet of daily living, focus is more challenging to cultivate. Our methodology supports improved learning by developing focus, listening and caring awareness.