SCHOOL Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training Application

Please complete this form and also submit your course fee for the in-person SCHOOL Yoga training. For the online course, please submit this application and we will respond with details for registration within 24 hours.

This training course is perfect for beginners of yoga and meditation, as well as, all levels of practice. Registrants must be currently employed as a K-12 teacher in LAUSD to receive salary point status. If a teacher, therapist, social worker or youth education professional wishes to take the SCHOOL Training anywhere in the country or global community, please submit this brief application and we'll send next steps for joining the online course.

Training Includes:

- Lecture by expert Kids Yoga Teacher, Kelly Wood
- SCHOOL Training Manual
- Recommended Reading Sources
- 15 Hours lecture/practicum (for both in-person & online courses)
- 30 Hours reflections/teaching/scripting (for in-person, 1 salary pt)
- Letter of Completion & Certificate
- In-person course is approved by LAUSD Salary Points Committee - 1 Point
- Online course is for educators outside of LAUSD who are not interested in salary point status.

- Child Appropriate Postures
- Child Appropriate Meditation
- Mindfulness Techniques
- Subject Matter & Movement
- Benefits: Physical, Mental & Emotional
- Anatomy & Body Systems
- Storytelling Techniques
- Classroom Management Tools
- Teacher Regulation Methods
- Common Core Relevance
- Yoga Games

The SCHOOL Kids Yoga Teacher Training is specifically designed for teachers, psychologists, and therapists within public schools. Public school staff receive the discounted course fee of $200 for this specialty training.

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