Online or In-person Training For educators - Bring Calm to your Classroom

Learn the SCHOOL Kids Yoga & Mindfulness techniques of storytelling, simple coordinated movement, and breathing which are expertly designed for public school classrooms by taking the in-person or online SCHOOL Yoga teacher training course. SCHOOL teaches adapted yoga for the classroom setting. We provide tools to grow social and emotional regulation in students so that they are ready to learn. SCHOOL is equally committed to teachers by providing tools for teachers to lead with calm and equanimity, thus enhancing the joy of teaching.

"Thank you and keep doing what you are doing - you are changing the way we teach."  - Ioana C., LAUSD High School Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is SCHOOL Yoga Teacher Training right for me?
  • Is SCHOOL Yoga right for my students?
  • Why should I use the SCHOOL Yoga methodology in my classroom?
  • What is the SCHOOL Kids Yoga & Mindfulness philosophy?
  • Is the online training course different from the in-person course?
  • How much is the training course? 
  • When can I take an in-person training?

Is SCHOOL yoga right for me?

We train public and private school educators by offering simple tools to help enhance listening, focus, and cooperation within their classrooms. SCHOOL Yoga methods are secular with 15 years of classroom-proven results that provide skills for focus and classroom management. Our SCHOOL Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training is well-designed, practical, and coherent. Educators also learn mindfulness methods to promote their own well-being and calm leadership. All are warmly welcome. No prior yoga experience is required. Most educators take the SCHOOL Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training with zero to little experience in yoga and/or meditation. Speech therapists, social workers, and special needs teachers also take this course. The SCHOOL Kids Yoga Training attendees are open to learning new methods to help with classroom management, focus, and social-emotional learning. The attendees are responsible, mature, light-hearted, and ever interested in their own growth as educators to be the best for their students' success.

Kelly Wood, Founder of SCHOOL, Inc., has expertise in teaching yoga to children and also to beginner adults. Rest assured, the SCHOOL Yoga methods will be understandable to those new to the practice. The key to successful implementation of the SCHOOL Yoga methods is consistency of use in the classroom to create stronger use of our unique and inclusive terminology and movement aided learning techniques.  For teachers looking for professional development courses in which practical and effective tools are taken immediately into the classroom, our SCHOOL Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training is for you!

Is SCHOOL Yoga right for my students?

Our methods are suited for elementary-aged children with modifications for middle and high school youth. The SCHOOL Yoga methods align with California Common Core Standards, Health Standards, and Physical Education Standards.  We include nutrition education woven into the physical, socio-kinesthetic interaction. The SCHOOL Yoga approach relates to the academic setting, delivered in a way that makes sense for focus and developing consideration and care for classmates, teachers, parents, and the community.

Why should I use the SCHOOL Yoga methodology in my classroom?

  • Focus for the Digital Age: We are in an era of endless distractions. Regulating attention and emotions has become an increasingly important classroom management technique—and SCHOOL offers just that. 
  • Spreading Calmness and Kindness: SCHOOL methods articulate the necessity to spread calm and gentle attitudes, crucial ingredients for emotional intelligence.   
  • The Joy of Teaching: A recent study of yoga and mindfulness interventions (Meiklejohn et al., 2012) has shown results in increased sense of well-being and teaching self-efficacy, as well as improved ability to manage classroom behavior and establish and maintain supportive relationships with students. SCHOOL Yoga encourages positive relationships in the classroom to grow the joy of learning.

What is the SCHOOL Yoga philosophy?

The SCHOOL philosophy is built upon the foundation that feelings greatly influence the thinking state. We teach that a calm and caring feeling state improves perception and cognition. Our expert and one-of-a-kind SCHOOL philosophy, inclusive language, and methods provide effective tools for making good choices and demonstrating helpful behavior. 

Is the online yoga teacher training course different from the in-person course?

The online course teaches the same methodology as the in-person course. Online SCHOOL offers a few distinct advantages, such as taking the training from your own home and at your own pace. A few advantages of taking the in-person training include direct feedback on questions/comments and learning from colleagues. Read positive testimonials by teachers here

How much is the SCHOOL yoga training course?

Our in-person teacher training (accredited for 1 salary point in LAUSD) is $200.  The online course is for teachers outside of LAUSD who are not interested in salary point status and is $100 (group discounts available - please inquire).

When can I take the in-person yoga training?

SCHOOL Kids Yoga &
Teacher Training ❤

Upcoming in-person Courses:

Approved by LAUSD Salary Point Committee -
1 Salary Point

April 22nd, 23rd, 29th & 30th
(LAST SUNDAY: 8:30-11:30AM)

July 17th, 18th, 19th & 20th
MonDAY - Thursday: 8:30AM-12:30PM
(ThursDAY: 8:30-11:30AM)

Please inquire for August and Fall 2017 dates.

Training Location:

Violence Intervention Program (VIP)
1721 Griffin Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90031

Please go to the Application Page to Register
By submitting the application and course fee.

Please email or call Kelly Wood with questions:, 323-240-8711

We look forward to working with you to help you and your classroom flourish.  Be well!

"Taking the School Yoga Kids Teacher Training is one of the best yoga trainings I have taken for kids. Not only did I learned how to practice a daily routine with my students, it was a great eye opener to myself as a person. I have being practicing what I learned (yoga and meditation) and I have noticed a change in the way I take daily challenges. Learning how calm breathing impacts the different body systems/organs makes me realize the impact this routine will have on my students (special education) in their education and personal life - just as I'm sure will support my life as a person and as a teacher. I wish all teachers had the opportunity to attend a yoga teacher training like this to support all kids and teachers to have a most relaxed and productive day. Thank you so much for providing this opportunity. THE BEST!"  ~ Edith L., LAUSD Teacher

"SCHOOL Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training not only helped me to approach teaching yoga in a way that relates to my students, but it also serves me everyday, reminding myself to be calm in the midst of the swarm of life. I am eternally grateful for the tools I learned that help me daily. Kelly Wood is an amazing person who embodies all that she shares with educators. It is a pleasure to teach this yoga and to see the positive impact it is having on my students."   ~ Laura Y., LAUSD Teacher

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