SCHOOL, Inc. helps improve learning in K-12 classrooms by providing educators with
innovative yoga and mindfulness training.

SCHOOL Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Training helps teachers develop students’ readiness to learn while improving their own effectiveness and well-being.

Take the training in-person or online and gain effective tools for improving academic achievement and collaborative attitudes in your classroom.


Feel Better to
Teach Better

Our expert training provides a new set of classroom management techniques that optimize your health and equanimity, while drawing out positive social and emotional behaviors in students.  

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whole health for learning

The body, thoughts and feelings are inextricably linked - as are social connections among students and teachers. Educate using secular yoga methods and improve academic performance.

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Focus for the
Digital Age

As technology and distractions infiltrate every facet of daily living, focus is more challenging to cultivate. Our methodology supports improved learning by developing focus, listening and caring awareness.


For more than 18 years, our unique and comprehensive program has been fine-tuned for success in public and private classrooms. All are welcome to learn simple language and methodology that makes practical sense in school and in life. 

The SCHOOL Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training meets Common Core, Physical Education & Health Standards.

"I have learned how to help my students regulate themselves emotionally and exhibit more positive behavior. I honestly believe that with SCHOOL Kids Yoga & Mindfulness I have provided them with the tools they need to be healthier and more productive people and have fostered in them habits that will make them life long learners. Bringing the SCHOOL Kids Yoga Program into the classroom has not only helped me with management but it has made me a better teacher as well. I feel I can regulate better because of it.”
- Carol G., Kindergarten Teacher

“SCHOOL Kids Yoga is always a part of my conversation and discussion as a best practice — what's best for kids.”
- Debra L., Principal


SCHOOL, Inc is proud to have the support of generous organizations such as the LA Dodgers Foundation, Mara W. Breech Foundation and more. Please inquire about scholarship opportunities to take our SCHOOL Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training if you are a Los Angeles Unified School District educator within a Title 1 school.


SCHOOL Kids Yoga Training offers expert guidance on applying yoga to classrooms.


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